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Tunnelling Services

From ASG Tunnelling & Civil Engineering Services

ASG offer a range of tunnelling services and with a proven track record and expertise in tunnelling, no project, regardless of size, exceeds our capabilities.

– Shaft Sinking

This technique can be carried out in two different ways, either by jacked caissons or underpinning. These two methods can be used regardless of the size of the shaft.

– Pipejacking

This method is used for the installation of pipelines and uses powerful hydraulic jacks to push pipes through the ground behind a shield. This method is most commonly used for crossings under small roads and rivers.

– Timberheading

Timberheading is a manual tunnelling method, excavated by hand with the use of timber boards for ground support after the tunnel has been manually excavated. This method is ideal for connecting services with minimal disruption.

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